Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas presents...?

i'm getting a late christmas present from my mummmy and daddy.

so help me decide between:

Wish List

Still a big fan of the animal Necklaces. Got my Stag from Rebecca, a hippo from Lucy and an owl from Loren. Need these cuties to add to my collection: All from Accessories £6 - £12

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New year ect

I've returned!!  It has been so long since I posted an entry and I was starting to miss it muchly so here's an entry to make up for my absence.
Spent my Birthday and Christmas at home with my family and friends and had an amazing time. Will try and get some pictures of these events up on here soon.
Got my Superdry body warmer for myself. I'm so generous. haha

Got loads of goodies from Santa and spent alot of my free time in the Red, Black, White or the Queens drinking tequila and vodka. Was drunken!
In February, I have my 6 week placement with Eden the Boutique in Edinburgh so i've been searching around looking for placement worthy clothing and outfits which are fashionable but understated. The search is on so suggest items if you wish. These are clothing that I have accumulated over the last month: