Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Year, New Girl

My 2012 new year resolutions:

Stay Positive
Be Thankful Everyday
Blog More
Control My Spending

Good Luck Everyone and have a Happy New Year 

2011 in a blog post.

I have decided to continue with my blog after a few (like 10 months) of absence. Absence makes the heart grow fonder though right?
I feel like this is something I do this time every year to avoid the prospect of doing coursework. This is a NO coursework zone so i shall not mention it again.

2011 was defiantly a year to remember and a year i hope to never forget. A year of laughter, tears, fallout's and reunions.

I suppose i shall start with the fashion show. Our university class designed and produced a spectacular fashion event, The Wonderland Fashion Show, where i modeled and chose the clothing. It was really a win win situation for me.
Here are a few photo's of me from the show. Makeup and Hair were wild but fit well with the theme! I look like an extra from katy Perry's ET vid.

Next up is the Summer holidays which could not be described as holidays as I worked my Butt off at Claires Accessories, over now tho! I spent a couple of weeks at home with my friends and family, attending many a fabulous social event. There was the Civic Week ball that my friends and I attend yearly which was oh so fabulous and full of drama of course. Then there was the annual street party which takes place in the square and which i actually have no memory of... then there is the Border Union Show weekend. Always a drunken fun time at the show, drinking beer from my fathers trade tent in the sun with my friends. 
This was also one of my best friends Rhona's last weekend in Kelso before she headed of for California. She is loving it and i am missing her muchos! she is actually celebrating her 21st this week in Vegas Baby!
Here are a few snaps from summer 2011:

The its back to uni, doing coursework, working hard bla bla bla.
We have visits to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and a lovely hen weekend away! A surprise party for my own 21st and then the wedding of the year.. or even this decade.

So that is 2011 in an egg shell... or a blog post. I can't decide whether 2012 could be able to top that!