Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Year, New Girl

My 2012 new year resolutions:

Stay Positive
Be Thankful Everyday
Blog More
Control My Spending

Good Luck Everyone and have a Happy New Year 

2011 in a blog post.

I have decided to continue with my blog after a few (like 10 months) of absence. Absence makes the heart grow fonder though right?
I feel like this is something I do this time every year to avoid the prospect of doing coursework. This is a NO coursework zone so i shall not mention it again.

2011 was defiantly a year to remember and a year i hope to never forget. A year of laughter, tears, fallout's and reunions.

I suppose i shall start with the fashion show. Our university class designed and produced a spectacular fashion event, The Wonderland Fashion Show, where i modeled and chose the clothing. It was really a win win situation for me.
Here are a few photo's of me from the show. Makeup and Hair were wild but fit well with the theme! I look like an extra from katy Perry's ET vid.

Next up is the Summer holidays which could not be described as holidays as I worked my Butt off at Claires Accessories, over now tho! I spent a couple of weeks at home with my friends and family, attending many a fabulous social event. There was the Civic Week ball that my friends and I attend yearly which was oh so fabulous and full of drama of course. Then there was the annual street party which takes place in the square and which i actually have no memory of... then there is the Border Union Show weekend. Always a drunken fun time at the show, drinking beer from my fathers trade tent in the sun with my friends. 
This was also one of my best friends Rhona's last weekend in Kelso before she headed of for California. She is loving it and i am missing her muchos! she is actually celebrating her 21st this week in Vegas Baby!
Here are a few snaps from summer 2011:

The its back to uni, doing coursework, working hard bla bla bla.
We have visits to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and a lovely hen weekend away! A surprise party for my own 21st and then the wedding of the year.. or even this decade.

So that is 2011 in an egg shell... or a blog post. I can't decide whether 2012 could be able to top that! 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


When in Edinburgh I took advantage of the shops and went on a spree. I'm not proud of myself but I have alot of gorgeous clothes to show for it.

At River Island I got this Moustache tee £19.99 - a perfect item of clothing to take on my trip to Paris perhaps? (clearly i'm going to attempt to go to a million different locations this summer.) I also got these ditzy print culotte shorts for £14.99. Bargain.
When I visited Topshop in the Sleet, Snow and Rain, I left with this lovely umberella £15 and these miley fur buckle boots £36

I visited Miss Selfridge at least 5 times a week to see what was on offer... and i got this camel wool mix slouchy tee for £16
I decided that I needed new, expensive makeup so I bought some Bobby Brown goodies. I will never go back to a high street branded foundation. I love my Bobby Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation and Everyday Mascara and Foundation Brush. Cant wait to buy more.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Here are some pics of me busy at work at Eden
(Cardigan is from Eden, Selected Femme £60)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Placement: My Selected Shopping List

Selected Femme are one of the Labels that are stocked in Eden and it is one of my favourites. If you are looking for basics or something a little edgy, Selected are the label that will deliver.
I have been working in the store for 5 weeks now and have set aside some peices that would look good for going back to university and working in Claires.

On my shopping list:
Catty Cardigan £60
Foxy tee £25 (this is the dress but you can see the fox print

Ulla Pants (coming in next week)
Future Tee in mustard £22

Come along to Eden to pick up the latest trends and your summer basics from Danish label Selected Femme. You might find me still here if you are quick enough.

Student Loan Day

Morning!! So, I was staying at my friend Loren's on Sunday in Glasgow because I had a buying appointment at Cates Fashion Agents for a label called B.young.
We played with her pets, John the Hamster and Mrs Wool the chinchilla and then me and Loren took a train into central for shopping down Buchannan Street. I took her out for hot chocolate and to experience Yo Sushi. I now am in Love with Glasgow and can't wait to go back next month.
While there, we walked around Frasers and checked out all the different departments.
In the Designer bag department I spied my Mulberry beaut! I love the new Mulberry tillie bag, may have to reconsider my 21st Birthday present for this new season bag! (Plus, my favourite, Ellie Goulding has the Tillie)

I am waiting very patiently for Student Loan Day, Monday the 7th of March. I will be buying the Longchamp LePilage bag, The new Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume and perhaps a hamster called Gerald? As well as flights to Belfast. This summer is going to be one of adventure and merry drunkeness! Drinking with the leprachauns in Ireland, Shopping till we drop in London and attempting to get a tan in Alicante.
Can not wait!

Photos to follow of my purchases :)

Friday, 25 February 2011


I am currently on my third year placement at Eden and it is going swimingly. I have learned that fashion journalism isn't the only career path for me, starbucks are addictive and that stockbridge is where I wish to live after graduation. I have grown to love the labels, Selected femme, Desigual, Anna Scott ect...

Visual merchandising, Advertising, Promotion, marketing, sales are just some of the tasks I have been givin resposibilty to do and hope I have been a star intern.
Come along to the store in Stockbridge to take advantage of the student discount and to purchase the lovely jewellery from Big Metal.
Follow Eden on Twitter
Become a fan on Facebook
And follow their own blog on

Wish List

KG by Kurt Geiger Hadassah Heels £160
I Need these shoes! badly!

Trend Alert

In my last post about 90210 fashion I focused on leopard print clothing. I have decided to try out this trend on my night out tonight. I bought this Miss selfridge Waterfall jacket for £48 today and I would definatly regret it if I didn't snatch it up.
The actual jacket is actually more brown than it apears in the image. I plan to wear this jacket with River Island Vest £16.99 and some basic black leggings. That is unless I can't help buying the knitted Miss Selfridge numbers for £22. I will accessorize the outfit with perhaps the river island Gold look lion tassel pendant £14.99 and my miss selfridge tassel bag which I got for £24 from £65 in the summer sale.

Before placement I also went to placement to pick up my friend Suz this red floral print dress £46
Stay tuned for how the outfits turn out with photo evidence from the night!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

90210 style

I am loving these girls style on set and on the red carpet. The 90210 girls are sporting this seasons biggest trends with androgenic tailoring, leopard print and black; the new black.

Get these looks;

Asos Panel tie Jersey Shirt £25

Vera Moda Tailored Trousers @ ASOS £38

Motel Wilma Trouser £25
Goldie London shirt @ Asos £52

Motel Susan Trouser £38

Motel Ethel Short £32

Random Blog Post About American Teenage Drama's

I was just catching up on all my American comedy drama's like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. 90210 was last on my list of shows to watch tonight and it addressed a serious issue of bullying. SPOILER ALERT: Annie is  being bullied by her phyco cousin, Emily, who basically wants to be Annie and take away all the good in her life. Bitch. This is an issue close to my heart and I want people to know that this kind of manipulative bullying has to stop. How dare someone turn their friends against them and put them down and try and steal their boyfriend or girlfriend. Ahh makes me so angry.

Any way in other American Drama related news... could someone please inform me of what happened in the last 10 minutes of Gossip Girl. Did Dan and Blair get together and form Dair?! I must find out.
Also; how cute are Hanna and Caleb in PLL? Although I wish they would find out who that pesky A is already!!
Rant over, shall now go back to Fashion Blogging . Love this picture of the 90210 girls, may have to do a post dedicated to their fashion.

In Memory of...

I spent the last three days down south in Plymouth to attend the funeral of one of the most inspirational women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. That person is Vera Mary Folley and she was known to me as my Auntie Folley. Working closely with the charity Bernardo's and founding an orphanage in Hawick in the Scottish Borders, my Auntie Folley helped and touched many peoples lives.
I felt I needed to write this to show people that there was and are some truly amazing people in this world. I miss you xxx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas presents...?

i'm getting a late christmas present from my mummmy and daddy.

so help me decide between:

Wish List

Still a big fan of the animal Necklaces. Got my Stag from Rebecca, a hippo from Lucy and an owl from Loren. Need these cuties to add to my collection: All from Accessories £6 - £12

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New year ect

I've returned!!  It has been so long since I posted an entry and I was starting to miss it muchly so here's an entry to make up for my absence.
Spent my Birthday and Christmas at home with my family and friends and had an amazing time. Will try and get some pictures of these events up on here soon.
Got my Superdry body warmer for myself. I'm so generous. haha

Got loads of goodies from Santa and spent alot of my free time in the Red, Black, White or the Queens drinking tequila and vodka. Was drunken!
In February, I have my 6 week placement with Eden the Boutique in Edinburgh so i've been searching around looking for placement worthy clothing and outfits which are fashionable but understated. The search is on so suggest items if you wish. These are clothing that I have accumulated over the last month: