Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I have finally finished uni and handed in my last ever coursework. The best feeling in the world was handing in that celebrity culture literature review. Found out today that I got a B, so I am now extra happy!
Gonna miss the fashion management course and all my fashion girlies, but I now have more time to blog so watch this space.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

22 things to do before i am 22!

I was inspired to make this bucket list by another blogger, 22 things to do before i am 22.
1.       Give blood
2.       Get a new tattoo
3.       Visit another continent
4.       Have a dinner party
5.       Graduate
6.       Get a designer handbag
7.       Get a job
8.       Buy some Jeffrey Campbells
9.       Decorate my room
10.   Pay of overdraft
11.   Swim with dolphins
12.   Get driving licence
13.   Learn a foreign language
14.   Go to a festival
15.   Fly a plane
16.   Stick to a budget plan
17.   Get a fringe
18.   Get a bikini body
19.   Read all the harry potter books again
20.   Learn how to knit
21.   Get a facial
22.   Take a road trip