Friday, 4 March 2011

Student Loan Day

Morning!! So, I was staying at my friend Loren's on Sunday in Glasgow because I had a buying appointment at Cates Fashion Agents for a label called B.young.
We played with her pets, John the Hamster and Mrs Wool the chinchilla and then me and Loren took a train into central for shopping down Buchannan Street. I took her out for hot chocolate and to experience Yo Sushi. I now am in Love with Glasgow and can't wait to go back next month.
While there, we walked around Frasers and checked out all the different departments.
In the Designer bag department I spied my Mulberry beaut! I love the new Mulberry tillie bag, may have to reconsider my 21st Birthday present for this new season bag! (Plus, my favourite, Ellie Goulding has the Tillie)

I am waiting very patiently for Student Loan Day, Monday the 7th of March. I will be buying the Longchamp LePilage bag, The new Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume and perhaps a hamster called Gerald? As well as flights to Belfast. This summer is going to be one of adventure and merry drunkeness! Drinking with the leprachauns in Ireland, Shopping till we drop in London and attempting to get a tan in Alicante.
Can not wait!

Photos to follow of my purchases :)

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